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New PAL Releases Roundup

Condemned 2, Dark Sector, others.

April is amazing and brilliant not only because you can push people down the stairs as a joke, but also because it's the month before May, which is nearly summer. We didn't play any jokes this year; we thought about swapping around usernames in the forum for a while, or replacing words like Microsoft with other words like Sony when you wrote things, but we got confused and forgot to do either. And then fell down the stairs.

But look, Condemned 2 is out this week. How about that? It has tramps and bits of wood with nails in and pipes and piss-stained mattresses and everything. We liked it and so should you. Or, well - not George Orwell, he's altogether a better class of pun target - there is Dark Sector, which has a glaive in it. Did you know that this used to be a polearm for getting people off horses? And then the film Krull came along and turned a glaive into a frisbee-type weapon with blades, which is the way Dark Sector feels about it, too. Anyway, this makes the third-person shooter a bit different: watch out for our review soon. Early indications are that it will be decent.

Otherwise, this week is rather quiet. Oh look, Namco Museum on DS. Oh look, Spellforce Universe is out: no idea what that is. Oh look, Dungeon Explorer is out as well. We promised we wouldn't do this. Oh look, Riviera: The Promised Land. Ever so sorry.

This week:

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