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Dawn of War sequel officially announced

PC only. Lots of co-operation.

THQ has officially lifted the lid on Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II.

The sequel will be PC-only, and returning developer Relic is aiming for a spring 2009 release. Those of you buying Dawn of War expansion Soulstorm will be invited able to take part in an upcoming multiplayer beta test.

Dawn of War II has few surprises on its feature hitlist, other than a fully co-operative multiplayer campaign for you and your friends - just like Red Alert 3, which claims it pioneered the idea.

Other than that, there are zeitgeist promises of destructible environments and spectacular visuals. Also, Orkz and Space Marines.

The sequel has been rumoured for some time, with sources claiming it has been in development since late 2006 and will support all the fancy DirectX 10 and multiple-core CPU technology that people talk about on lunchbreaks these days.

The website promises more information as soon as tomorrow.

Dawn of War is a critically acclaimed real-time strategy series, for those of you still in the dark about it.

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