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New Burnout Paradise DLC videos

A million copies now sold. Or not?

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Last week Criterion promised the new downloadable content for Burnout Paradise will "transform" the game. Now the developer is offering the first glimpse of how it'll do this via its website.

There you'll find two new videos showing what happens when the Dust Storm travels out of Paradise City and hits the first new location. "You'll see incomplete graphics, but you get the idea," reads the accompanying post.

"We're not wasting time on flashy edits, faked screenshots or pre-rendered 'game footage'. This is live and direct - the beginning of the transformation of Paradise."

Meanwhile, it's been announced that one million copies of Burnout Paradise have now been sold, bringing the total number of games in the series shifted to 15 million. Or has it?

That's what it said on Criterion's site a few hours ago, according to videogaming247. Now there's nothing to be seen but the message, "I'm sorry but we are unable to bring you this blog enterey [sic]." Curious.