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COD4 map pack problems fixed

PS3 now main focus, then PC.

Infinity Ward has said there should be no more problems downloading the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack from Xbox Live.

If you did get an "Invalid Code" error then re-downloading the file should sort everything out, insisted developer voice Robert Bowling on his blog.

He also sought to reassure PS3 owners that getting their Variety bundle ready is now top priority at Infinity Ward. There should be an announcement about it next week.

"Luckily though it's getting to that time for the PS3 to be the focus for a while with the launch of the Game of the Year Edition on PS3, the Variety Map Pack hitting PSN, and setting up some launch weekend events for you guys when the maps hit," wrote Bowling.

Meanwhile, the Community Mapping Contest for PC has come to an end and Bowling hopes to be able to tell you how you can get your hands on them soon. The Variety Map Pack looks likely to turn up as well.

"In addition to [the community maps], details are being finalised as to getting the map pack to the PC users as well," added Bowling. "I can't speak specifics just yet as everything is being cemented now, but it sounds like good news."

Look out for our thoughts on the Variety Map Pack soon.

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