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Harker put on indefinite hold

Vampire hunter mystery solved.

Foundation 9 has told Eurogamer that work on its vampire-hunting title Harker has been put on indefinite hold.

According to a spokesperson, the team creating it has been put in charge of working on Silent Hill V for Konami under new name Double Helix. It might have called, or left a note.

The Collective was formerly in charge of Harker, before it merged with Backbone Entertainment in 2005 to become Foundation 9.

Harker cast you in the role of vampire hunter Jonathan Harker, who had the rather challenging job of ridding Victorian Europe of demons with pointy teeth and stiff collars.

It was being developed for PS3, 360 and Wii - the "next-gen trio" - and boasted dazzling features such as realistic day-to-night lighting, gory combat, dynamic creature transformation and snazzy demon-hunting gear.

Perhaps there was simply too much at stake.