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Mad convict files suit against Rockstar

Wants restraining order on GTA games.

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Bonkers convict Jonathan Lee Riches has filed for a temporary restraining order against Take-Two, Rockstar, and the "newest Grand Theft Auto games", claiming inmates who played the titles will knock him out and steal his "gold Jesus cross".

The 31 year-old law-breaker ended up behind bars for committing identity theft, which is another thing he blames the successful games for.

"Plaintiff seeks a restraining order against the newest Grand Theft Auto games," wrote Riches.

"Defendants contributed to Plaintiff committing identity theft. Defendants games shows [sic] sex, drugs, and violence which offends me.

"Defendants put me in prison. I face imminent danger from violent inmates who played Grand Theft Auto who will knock me out and take my gold Jesus cross," he added.

Riches also filed against Activision claiming its games "promotes [sic] violence and hate and racism in prison", which makes him fear for his own life. Atari, another of his targets, has sexually explicit games that offend him as well.

Interestingly, Riches has been denied access to videogames while in prison, which he feels is discrimination.

Jonathan Lee Riches has filed more than 1500 lawsuits this year, according to GameSpot. Our favourite was his attempt to win USD 63 billion from an NFL star, claiming the Football player had ties to Al Qaeda after he was linked to an illegal dog fighting operation.

He has also unsuccessfully filed suits against Christian Slater, Star Wars, Martha Stuart, George W. Bush, Steve Jobs and Britney Spears, according to Wikipedia.

Okey dokey.

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