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Ubisoft fixing Assassin's Creed on PC

At the expense of DX10.1 support.

Ubisoft has said it is working on a patch to address the numerous problems with Assassin's Creed on PC.

Unfortunately this means cutting DirectX 10.1 support for a while as it seems to be causing the bulk of the problems.

However, it will be reintroduced once it has been tinkered with, although there are no dates for either the patch or this just yet.

"The first bit of news I have is that we're planning to release a patch for the PC version of Assassin's Creed that addresses the majority of issues reported by fans," said publisher spokesperson UbiRazz on the official forums.

"In addition to addressing reported glitches, the patch will remove support for DX10.1, since we need to rework its implementation.

"The performance gains seen by players who are currently playing Assassin's Creed with a DX10.1 graphics card are in large part due to the fact that our implementation removes a render pass during post-effect which is costly," added UbiRazz.

Assassin's Creed was released for PC on 11th April, and went under the sub-heading of Director's Cut because it had some fresh investigation types to mix things up.

It also had the usual graphical polish and higher resolutions that the desktop community is rewarded with for its six-month wait - even if you need a meaty machine to make the most of it.

So, we suggest waiting a while longer for Ubisoft to iron out the kings, although some may argue that Assassin's Creed is little more than "empty eye-candy" to begin with.

The problems come off the back of other Ubisoft PC conversion Rainbow Six Vegas 2 displaying a rather alarming bug that dumps huge memory files into your game directory when it crashes.