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No Ass Creed 2 this year, confirms Ubi

Wants to build anticipation.

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Ubisoft has confirmed we won't see a sequel to Assassin's Creed this side of Christmas.

That's according to a Forbes interview with Ubi US boss Laurent Detoc, who said, "When we bring [Assassin's Creed] back, there will be more anticipation for it."

The decision is nothing to do with sales figures, as AC has proved highly popular. More than 6 million copies of the game have been shifted since it was released last November.

In the meantime there's always the new Prince of Persia, due for release this winter. Apparently Ubisoft is keen not to repeat what happened with the last POP trilogy. According to Forbes, 2 million copies of Sands of Time were sold in the game's first month on release, and while the two sequels sold well they failed to achieve the same success.

Hence the decision to pull back production on the next POP game. "As we get bigger, we can give it more breathing room," Detoc said.

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