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Dyack hits out at so-called trilogies

Nothing but marketing ploys, he reckons.

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Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack reckons games or films grouped together posthumously are nothing more than marketing ploys.

Too Human, on the other hand, has been designed from the outset to be told in three parts, and Dyack believes there are very few games or films created in this manner.

"I'm very, very leery of these games that are successful and are suddenly called a trilogy when they're on the third one. Because that's just marketing," Dyack told MTV Multiplayer.

"Too Human, from when we started to work on the game for the 360, has been a trilogy. For the first game, the theme is discovery; the second game, the theme is revenge; the third game is enlightenment.

"We know exactly what's going to happen from beginning to end. It's planned out in such a way that there is without question a reason for the three parts. If there would have been a reason for four parts, we wouldn't call it a trilogy, we would call it a canto, I guess," he added.

Dyack goes on to question if Star Wars was ever conceived as a trilogy by George Lucas [DO NOT QUESTION THE MASTER - Dep Ed], but says he's very keen on the Lord of the Rings films and their approach.

"I not only love Lord of the Rings; I think what they did was a smart way of doing things," explained Dyack. "You really need confidence in the whole trilogy to do it. And that's sort of where things stand today. It's hard to get things off the ground. You have to have big buy-in."

And Too Human has had a big spend, with each episode said to cost around USD 80 million to 100 million.

Too Human is an action role-playing game based around Norse Mythology. It's futuristic, but is set long, long ago [Hmm, sounds strangely familiar - Dep Ed]. You play as god Baldur and go around bashing or shooting the snot out of enemies.

Central to its premise is co-operative play for you and three friends. This will let you team up after you finish the original campaign and go off and tackle baddies on a much tougher difficulty for much flashier loot.

It is certainly promising, and Dyack has previously said it will definitely be out this year. However, there is no news on when, which probably means it will be closer to Christmas.

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