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BIA: Hell's Highway in August

New trailer, shots, plus MP promises.

Those of you waiting for Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway will need to hang around until August 2008, Ubisoft confirmed today, but will have a "totally redesigned online component" to enjoy when the game does pitch up.

Ubisoft has also released a brand new trailer that you can check out on Eurogamer TV (or preview down below on the left in titchy form) showing off lots of gameplay footage, and some fancy new screenshots that illustrate the game's progress since we last saw it.

That was in December last year, when we went hands-on under the tutelage of Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford. Back then we were told to expect 20-player support on PS3, 360 and PC in online multiplayer, and that features like the squad system for issuing orders and destructible cover would make their way online.

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Now Ubisoft is claiming "dozens" of players on each side, with the result "combining all the intensity and accessibility of deathmatch with the squad-based gameplay that helped make Brothers In Arms famous".

As you will already know if you've followed the preview coverage, Hell's Highway puts you back in the World War II boots of Matt Baker during Operation Market Garden. Based on Unreal Engine 3, it's a lot more elaborately appointed and aims to evolve the game's traditional squad-based cover and flanking gameplay in ways that will get you interested all over again.