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Prototype to get co-op in the future?

Could feature if there's a sequel.

Radical Entertainment's Chris Ansell has said online co-op could feature in future Prototype games - even though they abandoned plans to put it in the first one.

Speaking to Eurogamer at last week's Sierra showcase Ansell said, "We were excited about the idea, and still are, but we decided to put all our effort into single-player.

"So far the forum reaction's been to back up that idea. Games like Mass Effect and BioShock have had great success with a solid single-player, and we'd like to emulate that to make an amazing single-player game."

Radical listed online co-op as one of Prototype's features when the game was first unveiled last July. It was later dropped, but Ansell suggested co-op could make a comeback if there's a sequel.

"We had some pretty cool ideas about multiplayer and we can't wait to start exploring that stuff. We're hoping the game sells really well so we can explore it further," he stated.

"Consoles are going online so we know we have to get there, and that it's going to be a key component going forward."

Prototype is out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer. For more on how the game's shapeshifting up, read our brand new preview.

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