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Three new Burnout modes unveiled

Including Online Road Rage.

Criterion has revealed three new modes for Burnout Paradise that'll be released as part of the forthcoming "Cagney" update.

First up is Online Stunt Run - a maximum of eight players compete for the highest score within a two minute time limit. In Online Marked Man, one player picked at random must reach their target without getting hit.

The third mode is Online Road Rage, where one team tries to reach checkpoints while the other gets on with the takedowns. For full details on all the new modes, visit Criterion's website.

"This is just the start - we aim to bring you many new Freeburn game modes covering different themes and play styles," says Criterion.

"Over the next 12 months, we're going to transform the Burnout Paradise you know and love into the Burnout Paradise you only ever dreamed of!" The one with a restart option?

There's no word on when the Cagney update will be released yet. Bogart, however, which will feature various "gameplay experience enhancements", is out on April 24th.

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