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Yes, you can still jump into haycarts in Assassin's Creed Origins

Now you can fire arrows from them, too.

Ubisoft has revealed an extended section of side-mission gameplay from Assassin's Creed Origins. There's pyramid looting, eagle scouting, sneaking and fighting. At one point you follow a friendly dog.

But really, the thing I enjoyed the most? You can still leap from an improbably enormous height into a flimsy wooden cart full of hay.

Not impressed yet? In Origins you can now pop out from cover while in a haycart and fire arrows, too.

The footage below, posted by IGN, shows a story side-mission where main character Bayek investigates a bandit who's using children as thieves. Over the course of the mission you explore caves, desert plains, and sneak inside a pyramid.

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Not shown in the video, but also in a pyramid, is that bloody big snake we saw in Origins' teasing E3 trailer. I chatted with Assassin's Creed Origins creative director Ashraf Ismail at E3 to find out if the game was going all fantasy.