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The Division update 1.7 adds global events and loot boxes

Reworks gear, adds face masks, lets you change your face.

Still playing The Division? If so, you should know its next big update drops tomorrow.

Update 1.7 adds new global events, with modifiers for the whole game, as well as activity modifiers for specific tasks. They sound like the modifiers and burns added to Destiny's weekly activities.

Word of loot boxes being added to the game is also tucked into the patch details. These "Encypted Caches" contain "exclusive emotes, outfits and skins" which can be purchased with "premium credits, or assembled from key fragments, which you can collect by completing commendations or killing named bosses".

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Commendations are new achievement-style awards which unlock a badge that can be worn as an armpatch. Activated all Echo scenes in the game? You'll get a commendation. Killed 100 enemies with a shotgun? Another commendation. You'll get these applied retroactively as well, so expect a lump of premium currency if you have plenty of commendations waiting to unlock.

Other new additions include facemasks, more powerful versions of existing gear and the ability to customise your character's looks.