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Tom Clancy's The Division - Base of Operations, Wings and Vendors

How to expand your Base of Operations, along with details of all the upgrades available from your Medical, Technology and Security Wings.

Establishing a base is your first task after your arrival in Manhattan. It provides somewhere for you to stock up on gear and consumables, unlock upgrades, and get missions. While it may not seem like much at first, the place will slowly improve as you work your way through the story.

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Vendors and Stash

Initially you'll have access to stores where you can purchase weapons, ammo, gear, and mods, and also claim rewards for special events. As you progress, you'll gain vendors for Dark Zone items, appearance modifications, and advanced weapons.

Your Stash is used to store unused items and claim loot extracted from the Dark Zone. You can also use it to transfer gear from one character to another - all the saves on your account will have access to the same Stash, so it's a good way to share the wealth.

Medical Wing

This Wing is unlocked by rescuing Dr Kandel, and gives you access to assorted healing skills and abilities - it will most likely be the first Wing you gain access to. Completing further Medical missions will allow you to unlock more upgrades, which are essential if you want to take a support role in group combat situations.

Below you'll find a breakdown of all of the critical Skills available from this wing, along with the various Mods that can be applied in time.


Pulse: Marks nearby hostiles and allies for a short period.

  • Recon Pack: increases range, and also detects nearby loot.
  • Scrambler: provides temporary shielding from enemy pulses.
  • Tactical Scanner: increased damage against tagged enemies.
  • Threat Detector: provides early warning of enemies and alerts if you've been scanned by a hostile.

First aid: Heals all allies within a small radius.

  • Defibrilator: revive downed allies.
  • Overdose: more efficient healing, with potential to provide bonus HP.
  • Booster Shot: increases DPS for nearby allies.
  • Extended Service: increases the skill duration.

Support station: Drops a support station for reviving downed allies and providing additional healing.

  • Life Support: automatically revives downed allies in the vicinity.
  • Immunizer: removes status effects and provides an immunity zone around the device.
  • Ammo Cache: nearby allies gain ammo when reloading and get reduced skill cooldown times.
  • Discharge: when the device expires, nearby allies are automatically healed.

Recovery link: Heals and cures the user and any nearby allies, and can provide an HP boost above your normal range.


  • Adrenaline: Allows med kits to provide an HP boost.
  • Shock and Awe: Supressing a hostle boosts movement speed.
  • Critical Save: Using a med kit when low on health boosts damage resistance.
  • Combat Medic: Using a med kit also heals nearby allies.
  • Triage: Healing an ally reduces their skill cooldown period.
  • Battle Buddy: Reviving a downed ally gives you and them a short period of damage reduction.
  • Shrapnel: Causing a target to bleed gives a chance to apply the debuff to nearby enemies.
  • Strike Back: Low health decreases skill cooldown time.


These are unlocked by upgrading specific areas of the Medical Wing.

Upgrade AreaPerkDescription
ClinicMedkitsIncrease your med kit capacity by 1.
Virus LabProtective MeasuresIncrease virus protection by 1.
Disaster AidCanned FoodFood effect duration is increased.
SupplierProvides hourly food, water, energy bar, and soda drops.
QuarantineContamination IntelReveals contaminated areas on the map.
Intensive CareMedkitsIncrease your med kit capacity by 1.
Hazmat UnitProtective MeasuresIncrease virus protection by 1.
Decontamination UnitHazardous MaterialsIncrease Dark Zone inventory size by 1.
PharmacyRiggerCollect fabric crafting materials from Medical every hour.
CounselingCreditIncrease credit gains by 10%
All AreasTalentsGain a new talent slot.

Technology Wing

This is likely to be the second Wing you unlock, and this is achieved by rescuing Captain Benitez. The skills, perks, and talents unlocked here largely impact your offensive and defensive abilities, boosting cover and providing additional firepower bonuses.


Ballistic Shield: provides a damage sink, but restricts you to sidearms only while in use.

  • Reactive Targeting: Increases HP capacity of the shield and marks enemies who attack you.
  • Assault Shield: Buffs your sidearm while deployed.
  • Kinetic Breaker: Replenishes your HP by a poriton of damage taken.
  • Self-healing Armour: Shield regenerates after a period without taking damage.

Smart Cover: Increases your damage and improves the efficiency of environmental cover.

  • Trapper: Hostiles deal less damage and suffer lower defence.
  • Recharger: Allies using Smart Cover will slowly heal.
  • Concealment: Allies using Smart Cover are hidden from enemy Pulses, and will automatically tag any hostiles they shoot.
  • Cover Trail: Smart Cover buffs persist for a while after leaving cover.

Mobile Cover: Creates a temporary piece of cover.

  • Extension: Cover is large enough for two people.
  • Blast Shield: Damages nearby enemies when destroyed.
  • Countermeasures: Using the cover grants increase damage and Pulse immunity.
  • Second Chance: When the shield is destroyed it grants brief bonuses to damage resistance.


  • Steady Hands: Recoil is reduced when firing from cover.
  • Precision: Headshotting an emey will tag them with a Pulse.
  • Desperate Times: When health drops below 20% your accuracy improves when blind firing from behind cover.
  • Repo Reaper: Killing an enemy with your sidearm gives you 30 rounds for your primary weapon.
  • On the Move: Killing a hostile while moving grants brief damage reduction.
  • Chain Reaction: Hitting multiple enemies with an explosive increases blast damage by 40%.
  • Stopping Power: Headshot damage increases by 25%.
  • One is None: Headshotting an enemy gives a 50:50 chance of not using ammo.


Upgrade AreaPerkDescription
Situation RoomExperienced AgentIncrease XP gains by 10%.
ArmouryGrenadesAdds 1 grenade slot.
Advanced WeaponryUnlocks Advanced Weapons vendor
BarracksCombat VeteranAccolade XP increased by 25%.
DZ OpsHazardous MaterialsDZ Inventory increased by 1 slot.
Black Market VendorBuy DZ items from the BoO.
Supply LineClothes VendorUnlock a clothes vendor.
GunsmithExplosive BulletsIncrease explosive bullet duration.
GunsmithHourly drops of weapon parts.
Procurement TeamScavengerRandom items will drop in the Scavenger box every 12 hours.
Guard PostIncendiary BulletsIncrease incendiary bullet duration.
Special AmmoHourly drops of explosive/incendiary bullets.
Shooting RangeShooting RangeUnlocks marksmanship training.
Canine UnitIntel DiscoveryWhen a zone has been cleared of side missions and encounters, undiscovered intel will be marked on the map.
All AreasCollectorScavenging improves by 15%

Security Wing

The final Wing to be unlocked gives assorted bonuses that don't really fit into DPS or HP categories, from remote mines to crafting improvements.


Sticky Bomb: Provides a remotely detonated sticky bomb that can attach to enemies or the environment.

  • BFB: Increases radius and damage and provides a change to inflict Bleed.
  • Flashbang: Bomb inflicts Disorientation instead of damage.
  • Proximity Fuse: Adds proximity detonation to the bomb.
  • Stealthy Bomb: Enemies are less likely to spot the bomb.

Turret: Deploys a stationary gun turret.

  • Active Sensor: Increased damage and Pulse capability.
  • Dragon Breath: Decreases range but turns the turret into a flamethrower.
  • Zapper: Reduces damage but fires electrical darts that can stun multipe targets.
  • Scorched Earth: When manually disabled the turret will explode and cause blast damage.

Seeker Mine: Unleashes a proximity mine that will seek out a target.

  • Airburst: On explosion the mine releases airborne incendiary explosives.
  • Gas Charge: When detonated the mine will release gas to multiple targets.
  • Cluster: Fires several smaller independent charges.
  • Seeking-Betty: The mine can now negotiate past low cover.

Tactical Link: Increases DPS and Critical Chance for the user and nearby allies.


  • Tactical Advance: Moving from cover to cover increases DPS by 2% for each metre covered.
  • Police Up: Killing an enemy using a Skill has a 25% of replenishing all your ammo.
  • Evasive Action: A 30% damage reduction is applied while moving from cover to cover.
  • Wildfire: Burn status effects have a chance to pass on to nearby enemies.
  • Demolition Expert: Killing an enemy with an explosion increases explosion damage for 15 seconds.
  • Fear Tactics: Shock status effects have a chance to pass on to nearby enemies.
  • Tech Support: Killing an enemy while a Skill is active will increase that Skill's duration by 10%.
  • Death by Proxy: Destroying an enemy's Skill grants a Skill power increase.


Upgrade AreaPerkDescription
Control RoomInventoryIncrease carrying capacity by 10.
CommunicationsHazardous MaterialsDZ Inventory increased by 1 slot.
DivisionTechDT MaterialsDT materials can be converted into other types.
EngineerHourly electronics drops.
GeneratorsSodaSoda buff duration increased by 10 seconds.
Water PurificationWaterWater buff duration increased by 10 seconds.
Field EngineeringCraftsmanHourly tools drop.
Central HeatingEnergy BarEnergy bar buff duration increased by 5 seconds.
SatCommsResource assessmentAll DivisionTech crafting nodes are shown on the DZ map.
RecalibrationStat SwitchAllows you to swap the stat boost categories of items.
Recharge CentreDZ FundsDZ Fund gains boosted by 10%.
All AreasStashStash size increased by 10.

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