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Tom Clancy's The Division - General Assembly strategy

How to handle all three phases of the boss fight in General Assembly, from getting into position to timing the use of the turrets correctly.

This is probably the only mission that really isn't viable solo, so you'll want to team up with friends. In this fight, you're up against a helicopter that has a devastating area-of-effect attack as well as heavy shields. Given that this is then combined with couple of waves of LMB troops, it can be a a real struggle just to stay alive - let alone emerge victorious.

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Preparing for the fight

You can hang onto your usual weapons and gear for the bulk of the mission, but make sure you have a heavy weapon (LMG or assault rifle), along with gear that gives you as high a DPS as you can - with boosts to Critical Chance and Critical Damage if you've got them. Accuracy is less important than power in this fight, as the helicopter represents a big target and is difficult to miss. It's also a good idea for everyone in the group to equip a healing talent or two for the third phase.

First phase: Get in position

With its shields intact, the helicopter will more or less hover in one place firing. Ignore it for now and make a dash for the opposite corner of the area from the spawn point, then head about halfway down the concrete stairwell. You're reasonably safe down here and there's an ammo crate in the room at the bottom. Just make sure that your team members don't all enter at the same time, as it's technically out of bounds. Going in one at a time is safe, but if everyone just piles in there you'll be thrown back to the checkpoint.

Swap to your DPS-boosting loadout, then head to the top of the stairs under the gantry and shoot the helicopter. Do not be tempted to activate the turrets at this point, despite the repeated requests to do so! When the first chunk of shield is removed the chopper will get more mobile, a wave of enemies will spawn, and the fight changes up a little bit.

Second phase: Thin out the NPCs

There aren't many enemies, and for the most part they shouldn't bother you too much if you stick to the stairs, but keep half an eye out as you keep wearing away at the chopper's shields. When you get about halfway through, more enemies will spawn. At this point, take a break from the chopper and thin out the NPC numbers a bit before getting back to the shields. It may be slow going - and you may be tempted to fire up a turret - but hold back for now because you're going to really need them later!

Third phase: Use the turrets

When the chopper's shields get down to two chunks, things get hectic. First, it will start spamming rocket attacks that do a lot of damage (potentially one-shotting you), so getting this bit over with quickly is vital. As you might have guessed, now's your chance to finally use the turrets.

There are four in the arena, with the first one located on the building at the top of the steps you've been living on. The turrets should be activated in a team of two, with one person using the console and one to be on standby in case of rockets. The person using the console may not be able to move out of the way in time if the chopper fires a volley, so it's imperative to make sure someone nearby to revive them.

Rather than everyone rushing out, it's also a good idea to leave a pair in relative safety in the stairwell in case of emergency. The first couple of turrets should do away with the remaining shields, and once they're gone the third turret should take the chopper down in a matter of seconds. If that's not quite enough, you've got one left over.

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