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Tom Clancy's The Division - Crafting, blueprints, materials and more

How to craft better equipment, track down blueprints and materials, and get your head around Weapon Talents and Gear Bonuses in The Division.

When it comes to gear, weapons, and mods, you'll pick up plenty of decent items or find them for sale from the vendors located across the map, but sometimes there's no substitute for that home-made feeling. To be clear, you won't be make any equipment that you can't also buy, but if you have high quality materials then crafting your own will result in better stats than the standard variety.

Where to get Blueprints

These can occasionally be be looted from fallen enemies, but for the most part they're given as rewards for completing side-missions.

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Materials can be gained in several ways. Wing Perks can provide hourly drops, they can be collected from around the game world, or they can be produced by dismantling unwanted items.

The types available are:

  • Weapon Parts: weapons and weapon mods.
  • Tools: weapons and weapon mods.
  • Electronics: gear and gear mods.
  • Cloth/Fabric: gear and gear mods.
  • Division Tech: required for special DZ blueprints. Note that this material can only be found in the Dark Zone, or from dismantling Dark Zone. items. As a result, it can be tricky to come by.

Material quality varies from worn (grey) to high end (yellow). Better quality materials yield better results, but are harder to find. You can convert a batch of lower quality materials into higher quality material, so it pays to dismantle any unwanted gear you collect and stockpile as much raw material as you can.

An introduction to DivisionTech crafting

Blueprints located inside the Dark Zone need to be crafted at specific locations within the zone, rather than the crafting station at your Base, and they require hard-to-find DivisionTech materials to create. These items are much better than their vanilla counterparts though, so the raw materials and blueprints are worth tracking down.

Gear Bonuses

Higher quality materials will produce larger bonuses, but unfortunately you have no control over which ones you'll get when you craft an item. If your heart is set on +4 Gloves of SMG Damage, then you may have to make quite a few pairs before you get lucky.

Base Stat Bonuses

  • Health: Masks and Knee Pads
  • Armour: Body Armour, Masks, Holsters, Backpacks and Knee Pads
  • Skill Power: Masks and Backpacks

Secondary Skills

  • Backpack Capacity: Backpacks
  • Bleed Resistance: Backpacks, Knee Pads
  • Burn Resistance: Backpacks
  • Burn Resistance: Masks, Knee Pads
  • Critical Hit Chance: Masks, Gloves
  • Critical Hit Damage: Masks, Gloves, Backpacks, Knee Pads
  • Damage to Elites: Knee Pads
  • Disorientation Resistance: Masks, Knee Pads
  • Disrupt Resistance: Backpacks, Knee Pads
  • Enemy Armour Damage: Masks, Kneepads
  • Exotic Damage Resistance: Body Armour, Knee Pads
  • Extra Weapon Mod Slot: Holsters
  • Flashbang Resistance: Masks, Knee Pads
  • Health Boost: Masks
  • Health Replenishment on Kill: Body Armour, Masks, Gloves
  • Increased Ammo Capacity: Body Armour, Backpacks
  • Increased Kill XP: Body Armour, Masks, Knee Pads
  • Pistol Damage: Holsters, Gloves
  • Scavenging: Masks, Knee Pads
  • Shock Resistance: Knee Pads
  • Skill Cooldown: Backpacks
  • SMG/LMG/Rifle/Shotgun Damage: Gloves

Weapon Talents

There are a variety of passive modifiers available on weapons. Which types are available depend on weapon type and quality, and as with Gear Bonuses these Talents are handed out randomly during crafting. See the weapons page of the guide for more information on the effects of talents.

The table below outlines weapon types, along with their available quality (2: Green; 3: Blue; 4: Purple; 5: Yellow)

TalentPistolsAssault RiflesLMGSMGRiflesShotguns
Commanding3 & 4
Expert2 & 3
Ferocious3 & 53
Stable33 & 5
Swift4 & 5
Talented3 & 5

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