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Tom Clancy's The Division walkthrough

A walkthrough for all of the main campaign missions in The Division, with strategies and tips for handling each enemy wave and boss.

Campaign missions generally follow a similar structure to one another, and the markers and waypoints are easy to follow. Detailed walkthroughs shouldn't be necessary, so instead we're just giving you an overview of each one: what enemies you can expect to face, where you'll find them, and specific boss strategies (where required).

The numbers of waves, numbers of enemies in a wave, and the exact enemy classes that spawn will depend on the difficulty level you select, your character level, and the size of your group, so you should expect some variation from our descriptions.

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[4K] The Division - Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Another Powerhouse Upgrade

It's also worth mentioning how the difficulty levels work. On Normal, enemies will always be at least the level indicated, but if you or any of your group are above that level when you start the mission then enemies will scale. If you have a higher levelled player with you, it's best to temporarily kick them out, start the mission, and then invite them back.

On Hard enemies will either be a couple of levels higher than the highest-levelled player on your team or a couple of levels higher than the mission level (whichever is higher). They will re-scale if anyone joins, and so at level 8 you'll be fighting enemies at around level 10, but if you add a level 20 player to your group, the enemies will all switch to around 22 - even while you're in combat.

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Hudson Refugee Camp

You'll be facing Cleaners here, so watch out for fire damage. There are a handful in the opening area, then as you pass through the subway be on the alert for proximity mines. You'll be able to hear them beeping from a fair distance, so either avoid them or take a shot with your pistol to detonate them before they get you.

There are another handful on enemies as you head through the tunnels, and then a few more will come out of the building when the door opens. The markers then lead to a large open area with another dozen or so hostiles nearby. When they're clear, use the Restock point if you need it, then climb into the boss arena. He's guarded by a few Cleaners, and will eventually retreat behind some cover at the far end. He can be easily sniped from the upper platform to the right of his position.

Grand Central Station

LMB soldiers occupy the subway, so look out for flanking tactics in open areas. Take out the twowho are standing guard, eliminate the next wave as they come through the barrier, and then head down. At the bottom of the escalator you'll find a few more (including a medic if you're at a high enough level).

Once they're cleared, head down again, Restock if you need, then head to the marker. There'll be an explosion, and then a wave of LMB will appear across the track. Defeat them, then follow through the collapsing tunnel, then up the ramp taking out the lone guard on the way. The control room ahead can be a little tricky, so you may want to aggro the soldiers then move back out to make use of the choke point. Once it's clear hit the switch and head to street level.

There now follows an uphill assault with a few snipers and a potential for medics to get involved. When you reach the top, restock and then hold your position from a wave of LMB and a Boss to complete the mission.

Rooftop Comm Relay

You'll be fighting Rikers here, so there's nothing too tricky to look out for. Clear out the group at the mission start point and then eliminate the reinforcements. Head upstairs, Restock, then take out the enemies that drop down onto the roof.

Climb the ladder, take out the sniper and her guards, then cross the walkway. Take out a few more enemies, then drop down the rope, cross the bridge, and head up again. Look out for proximity mines as you fight waves of enemies on your way towards your goal.

You'll now be defending the engineer from approaching waves. The first comes from the cell he was in, the second comes from the direction you approached from, a third wave spawns from the cell, and then the fourth and final wave (and a Boss) comes from the other direction again.

Queens Tunnel Camp

LMB soldiers are combined with automated sentry turrets to make the initial approach tricky. Take out the snipers and any other enemies from the mission start, then head behind the first turret to disable it. As long as you keep out of the red beam as it sweeps around you'll be safe.

Head down the ramp for more LMB enemies and another turret. The panel for this one is on the far side of the container it's sat on, so if you're in a group you may need to attract its attention while someone else sneaks around.

Once on the roof you'll need to deal with some snipers and engineers amongst the enemies. There's a ladder on the right of the building directly in front of you as you leave the stairwell, so climb up and taking out the sniper and engineer to reach the mission objective. Next, use your elevated position to clear the area.

Head down, eliminate the guards (and a possible medic), then disable the turret. Head through the tunnel, Restock, and then clear out the LMB from the server room. Taking a defensive position in the office is slow but safe, or you can risk a frontal assault - just stay out of the way of the turret.

Once you've destroyed the files head for the roof for a two-stage battle. Clearing the initial enemies is simple enough, but holding off in the second stage can be tricky as the waves spawn through random doors and leave you with nowhere in the area that's safe. The enemies increase in difficulty as the timer runs down, and a Boss appears with around 30 seconds to go. Keep mobile, fight in pairs if possible, and kill the enemies as quickly as you can to avoid being mobbed.

Once the timer's up, eliminate any remaining hostiles to complete the mission.

- Our walkthrough continues with a look at the Warren Gate Power Plant mission in Tom Clancy's The Division.

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