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Tom Clancy's The Division - Make more money and Dark Zone credits

How to make more money in The Division by maximising your mission rewards, crafting for profit, and disposing of your junk the right way.

As a government employee fulfilling an important mission, you might imagine you'd be provided up-front with decent weapons, armour, and other gear. Not so, alas. In these uncertain times, it seems that spending cutbacks have hit New York extremely hard.

For this reason, we've amassed everything we know about making the pursuit of money as painless as possible. There aren't many shortcuts to getting rich in the game, but hopefully you'll find the following advice helpful!

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[4K] The Division - Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: Another Powerhouse Upgrade

Mission Rewards

Each mission, encounter, and sidequest that you complete in Tom Clancy's The Division will earn you a cash reward. This could range from a few hundred in-game bucks to a few tens of thousands. Generally speaking, you'll find that story missions pay out at a much higher rate than smaller events. The tougher the mission at hand is, then the more you'll earn. In fact, increasing the mission difficulty to Hard will increase the amount of cash you receive for completing it by a whopping 50%.

That's all well and good the first time around, but keep in mind that replaying story missions will give you a reduced cash reward. For this reason, and if you want to maximise the value of your earnings, it's best to replay them immediately after you complete them the first time. If you initially played it on Normal you may also want to consider trying it on Hard - as you've done it once you'll know what to expect, and should find it a little easier.

Selling Stuff

Like a military-industrial Cash Converters, vendors will happily buy all of your unwanted items at significantly less than market value. As far as we can tell from our time with the game so far, all vendors seem to offer the same price on each individual items. Not only that, but they don't seem particularly fussy about what they'll take either ,and you can sell weapons to gear vendors and vice versa.

As you play through Tom Clancy's The Division, you're going to need to strike your own balance between stripping junk for parts and using it to earn money, based on whether you'd rather build or buy new equipment. It's worth keeping in mind that low-grade items are probably worth more in terms of extra parts rather than cash, whereas higher-level gear can net a reasonable amount of money.

Building For Profit

You can't directly sell materials, but if you've been deconstructing items and accumulated more of a particular type than you need, then crafting items with the express purpose of selling them is a good way of filling your wallet a little. Gear drops are more plentiful than weapon drops, so fabric in particular is easy to amass a surplus of.

Higher levelled items make proportionally more money - for example, a level 12 green mask requires 9 fabric and sells for $144, and a level 18 requires 13 fabric but sells for $312 - so it's worth making fewer, better things than lots of basic items.

Dark Zone Credits

Dark Zone Credits are a different kettle of fish. These are earned by wiping out NPCs or Rogues within this PVP zone. Higher level kills give larger payouts, but easier kills are quicker, so which is more efficient for you is a matter of personal preference.

Another source of income is to seek out the named Elite enemies. These guys are usually guarding a chest that contains a substantial number of credits in addition to some decent loot. There's obviously a much greater level of difficulty to be found in these fights, but in terms of money vs. time taken they're well worth the effort.

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