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Pokémon Go legendary Moltres beaten by a team of just two players

Rock smashed.

Moltres, Pokémon Go's latest legendary raid boss, has been brought down by a team of just two players.

A fine flock.

The augmented-reality app unlocked Moltres in raids starting in the UK on Tuesday. Yesterday, teams of three reported bringing it down. Overnight, Moltres has been beaten by a duo.

Pokémon Go recommends a team of 20 for Moltres, like all legendary raids, although the exact number of people you need varies from Pokémon to Pokémon.

Lugia can be beaten comfortably with 10. Articuno, no longer available, could be beaten comfortably with eight. Moltres only requires six decent players, due to existing Pokémon in the game which have a strong offensive bonus against it, and due to Moltres' own lower defense stat.

Still, beating it with only two players requires two top-level trainers and a perfectly-tuned squad of Pokémon.

Pokémon Go fan reddit TheSilphRoad had run the numbers on Moltres' launch and predicted that, mathematically, two players could beat Moltres if they were using the exact right team of Pokémon (and no one disconnected).

Specifically, you need the damage output of 1.91 people using 17 perfect Omastars, each with the right moveset (Rock Throw/Rock Slide).

The two top-level trainers in the video below used the next best option, Golem, which are much easier to catch. For this, the numbers require the damage output of 1.95 people with 21.3 Golem (with the best move combo Rock Throw/Stone Edge).

Cover image for YouTube video【ポケモンGO】レイドファイヤー2人で撃破!

Of course, bringing Moltres down is only half the battle - you then have to catch him. If only there was a formula for that...