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Pokémon Go's new legendary bird Zapdos defeated by just three players

Only hours after it appeared.

Last night brought the arrival of Pokémon Go legendary creature Zapdos - and players were ready to take it on.

Already, a team of just three players have defeated the bird - the smallest number mathematically possible. The game's (overly cautious) recommendation is you bring 20 people to the fight.

It took a couple of days for last week's Moltres to be beaten by its least possible number of people - just two players - after several days where players were working out the best strategy and slowly bettering their chances. With Zapdos, people had already done the maths.

The team of Japanese players used a combo of Golem and Tyranitar to down Zapdos.

Sadly, even with Excellent-rated throws, the player recording still did not capture the bird.

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Zapdos is now available in the UK and will be roosting in the game until Monday night (the 14th) next week.

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