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Arms gets a proper training mode and more in latest update


Arms' training mode, previously a slight thing tucked away in a sub-menu, has been buffed up and placed front and centre of Nintendo's Switch exclusive fighting game.

The training mode provides a light but informative education in the intricacies of Arms, allowing you to practice anti-air, rush combos and guard breaking among other things. Arms isn't a complex game, but it is a unique one, so a basic grounding for new players is very much welcome.

Elsewhere there have been balance updates for certain arms and characters, with Master Mummy, Byte & Barq and Mechanica all enjoying slight buffs. You can find the full patch notes here.

As to when we can expect a new character, the Arms' Japanese Twitter account said that would come in the next major update, and more information will follow shortly. Dataminers recently unearthed files that suggested some nine new potential characters could be coming to Arms.

Also, Arms is a good game and you should be playing Arms.

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