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Nintendo puts a firmer date on its paid online service, but still remains coy on details

Late September release confirmed.

Nintendo is still being infuriatingly coy about its paid online service with just over a month to go until its release - though it's just reaffirmed what few details are out there while sharing the tiniest bit more.

A new detail has just emerged via the company's official Twitter accounts - first from the US, and then replicated by the European account this morning - with the service now confirmed to launch in the last half of September.

There's the ability to upload save data to the cloud - if the software supports the feature - the ability to play some NES games with added online features - what those games will be are anyone's guess, though given Nintendo's apparent eagerness to disappoint I'm fully expecting a re-release of Urban Champion with online co-op - and the dedicated app for your phone, which is already out there and in its current form remains woefully inadequate.

The one thing that is spelled out in black and white, though, is how much it'll cost, with a year's membership coming in at £17.99, three months costing £6.99 and one month costing £3.49, and a family membership for £31.49 that gives up to eight linked accounts access. It compares favourably to similar services on Xbox and PlayStation - a year's Xbox Live costs just shy of £40, while 12 months of PlayStation Plus will set you back just under £50 - but still, a little more transparency really wouldn't go amiss when the launch of Nintendo's online service is looming large.

You'll need to open your wallet to continue to play the likes of Splatoon 2, Arms and Mario Tennis Aces online, although it's unclear whether you need a sub to play Fortnite on Switch.