Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis looks back to its glory with this fun - if a little fuzzy and fiddly - take on tennis.

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Mario Tennis Aces review - a fully-featured if mildly frustrating return to form for Camelot

For all the genteel imagery it evokes - crisp summer lawns, fresh strawberries and Cliff Richard singalongs - tennis can be a remarkably angry game. Kudos, then, to Mario Tennis Aces for getting you straight to the pure vitriol that spills forth when a fiercely contested point doesn't quite go your way, your racket breaking as an almost impossible-to-block shot tears through it, granting an instant win to your opponent. You cannot be serious.

Mario Tennis Aces

Publisher: Nintendo

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Nintendo serves up Mario Tennis Aces pre-launch tournament dates

Mario Tennis Aces will launch for Nintendo Switch on 22nd June, but you'll be able to try it yourself several weeks earlier via a pre-launch online tournament.

It's a kind of beta, in other words, similar to that received by Splatoon 2 and Arms last year.

You'll be able to try this serving of Mario Tennis Aces from 3pm UK time on Friday, 1st June until midnight UK time on Sunday 3rd June.

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Looks like Mario Tennis Aces launches for Nintendo Switch in June

Screenshots and details for Mario Tennis Aces have popped up online via retailer Rakuten ahead of tonight's Nintendo Direct.

The game's product page lists a 22nd June release date for Mario's sporty Nintendo Switch game - at least in Japan. (It's likely the same here.)

Images confirm the usual roster of characters you'd expect to be playable, including Mario, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Rosalina, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Bowser.

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