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A farewell to Arms - Nintendo's fighting game wraps up

Min Min max.

It's done. It's over. Arms - a legend in our lifetime, a fighting game so perfect we'll never see a sequel, the Switch's very finest and quite honestly a game that was just too pure and good for humankind - has wrapped up its series of live events, with the final ever Party Crash Bash deciding once and for all who the greatest Arms brawler is.

And, like all things in Arms, the answer was just right. Ninjara was beaten out by the almighty ramen-loving pugilist Min Min, proving that sometimes in life you can get a happy ending. Will Min Min be getting her own Amiibo to celebrate the occasion? Well, that's unlikely, because sometimes life is also just unfair.

The Party Crash Bash took place on the second anniversary of Arms' release, with its first year seeing a succession of free updates while its second year saw the occasional event such as the Party Crash Bash. Arms was the creation of some of the staff behind Mario Kart, and looked to do for the fighting genre what Mario Kart did for racing.

Did that work out? Seeing as Arms didn't quite have the same impact - although it did enjoy respectable commercial success, selling over 2 million units - the answer is probably negative, but for those in on the secret we'll never forget the joy it gave us. Farewell, Arms - you've been a blast.

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