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Planet Coaster soars past one million sales

Elite Dangerous now up to 2.75m.

Planet Coaster artwork showing guests and a person in a dinosaur mascot costume.
Image credit: Frontier

Theme park sim Planet Coaster has now sold more than one million units, British studio Frontier announced today.

The developer's other big success, Elite Dangerous, has now sold more than 2.75m.

Planet Coaster launched in November last year to positive reviews. Eurogamer dubbed it "the finest park construction simulator yet".

Elite Dangerous took off in December 2014 for PC and then later on consoles. It's been a bumpier ride - Wes checked in on the state of the game back in May - but its huge sci-fi universe has captured the attention from fans, and every so often something truly extraordinary seems to happen within its fictional star systems.

Cover image for YouTube videoHow will aliens change Elite: Dangerous?

Both games are still well supported with new updates, but all eyes are now on Frontier for Gamescom next week. There, the studio is expected to announce a new, third project. After space and rollercoasters, what could it be?