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It's not without its problems, but Planet Coaster is the finest park construction simulator yet.

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Planet Coaster's Magnificent Rides DLC launches later this month

Frontier Developments has unveiled the Magnificent Rides Collection, a new paid DLC update for its theme park sim Planet Coaster, coming to PC on December 18th.

Based on everything that Frontier has revealed so far, Magnificent Rides looks to be somewhat narrower in scope compared to Planet Coaster's previous paid DLC efforts. While the likes of the Spooky Pack, Adventure Pack, and Studios Pack all offered swathes of new props, building pieces, effects, and attractions, Magnificent Rides is, as its name implies, focussed purely on the latter.

In total, it includes nine new rides, one of which will have a second variant. At present, however, only three of these have been revealed.

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Planet Coaster gets some international flair in its upcoming World's Fair expansion

Frontier has unveiled Planet Coaster's new World's Fair Pack, an internationally flavoured DLC expansion coming to PC next week, on October 16th.

The World's Fair Pack takes Frontier's theme park sim on a globe-hopping tour of ten different countries. The result is a brand-new collection of over 360 building and scenery items - including shops, restaurants, and billboards - inspired by the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, China, and the USA. Ideal if you fancy attempting to build your own version of Disney's Epcot or, you know, the world.

There's the briefest glimpse of the new themes in the teaser trailer below.

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Planet Coaster's Vintage DLC celebrates the "golden age" of theme parks

UPDATE: Out now, with a lovely launch trailer.

UPDATE 10/7/18: Planet Coaster's new Vintage Pack DLC update, which adds a host of new building elements to the base game - all inspired by the golden age of theme parks in the early 20th century - is out now, and there's a lovely launch trailer to accompany its release.

Planet Coaster is getting a big free anniversary update soon

UPDATE 4/11/17: Frontier has announced that Planet Coaster's big free anniversary update, better known as update 1.4, will launch on November 22nd.

The news also comes with a few additional details of what to expect in 1.4. The previously announced Weisshorn flat ride will now, for instance, be joined by a smaller, more compact variant known as the Monte Leone. Crucially, it has no roof and a smaller control booth to allow for easier customisation.

There's also word on the new Zenith rollercoaster, a hydraulic launched coaster with a top speed of 175mph that "roars vertically up an enormous 'Top Hat' element".

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Planet Coaster soars past one million sales

Planet Coaster soars past one million sales

Elite Dangerous now up to 2.75m.

Theme park sim Planet Coaster has now sold more than one million units, British studio Frontier announced today.

The developer's other big success, Elite Dangerous, has now sold more than 2.75m.

Planet Coaster launched in November last year to positive reviews. Eurogamer dubbed it "the finest park construction simulator yet".

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Planet Coaster review

RecommendedPlanet Coaster review

Fairground distraction.

If you've ever been to Disneyland, California, you'll probably know about the so-called stretch rooms that kick off the park's legendary Haunted Mansion ride. On entering Disney's spooky old house, you're ushered into a windowless chamber that begins to change almost imperceptibly as your disembodied host bids you welcome, elongating so that its once perfectly innocent paintings stretch into ghoulish tableaux revealing the gristly fates of the mansion's inhabitants. And then, with a flash of lightning, it's onto the ride proper.

Planet Coaster

Developer: Frontier Developments

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We're set for a rollercoaster video game face-off next week

We're set for a rollercoaster video game face-off next week

RollerCoaster Tycoon World announces release date - and it's the day before Planet Coaster comes out.

There's nothing quite like a video game face-off, and we've had a few good ones over the years. Mario vs Sonic. Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat. Call of Duty vs Battlefield. FIFA vs PES.

Now, add RollerCoaster Tycoon World vs Planet Coaster to that list.

Overnight, Atari announced a Wednesday, 16th November release date for RollerCoaster Tycoon World. That's the day before Frontier's rival coaster sim Planet Coaster comes out, on Thursday, 17th November.

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VideoWatch: Hands on with Planet Coaster

You must be this tall to view.

We've been keeping an eye on Planet Coaster for a while now. Frontier certainly seems confident that its return to the park simulation genre can cater to both coaster fanatics and deep sim fans alike, but what about people with a chronic lack of common sense?

There's a certain tension at the heart of every good theme park. As a park owner, you naturally want your punters to have a good time. But as a currency, smiles and laughter only go so far. At some stage, you're going to need them to open their wallets. "It's like a John Lewis advert, right?" says John Laws, art director at Frontier Developments. "I get the exact same feeling when I see the John Lewis advert at the end of each year: 'Oh, that's really nice production design, better than most other ads'. And ultimately they just want me to spend money. But I don't care, because it's nice to watch."

Planet Coaster launches pre-order campaign

Planet Coaster launches pre-order campaign

Pre-order it for 19.99, buy crowdfunding-style in-game rewards.

CORRECTION: This article originally claimed that Frontier had launched a "crowdfunding campaign" for Planet Coaster. Frontier has been in touch to clarify that game is fully funded and will be made regardless of the success of these pre-order sales, so we've altered the headline and some of the text to reflect this.

Frontier Developments has set up a pre-order campaign for its upcoming Roller Coaster Tycoon spiritual successor Planet Coaster - including offers of premium access and exclusive in-game content in the style of Kickstarter rewards.

At 19.99 players can reserve the upcoming PC game from Frontier's online store.

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Planet Coaster announced for 2016

Planet Coaster announced for 2016

Frontier Developments' spiritual successor to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

Roller Coaster and Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments has announced Planet Coaster.

It will be available for PC in 2016.

It looks a little like Roller Coaster Tycoon, only with the ability to shape even more of the landscape.

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