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Planet Coaster's Magnificent Rides DLC launches later this month

Includes nine new rides, one variant.

Frontier Developments has unveiled the Magnificent Rides Collection, a new paid DLC update for its theme park sim Planet Coaster, coming to PC on December 18th.

Based on everything that Frontier has revealed so far, Magnificent Rides looks to be somewhat narrower in scope compared to Planet Coaster's previous paid DLC efforts. While the likes of the Spooky Pack, Adventure Pack, and Studios Pack all offered swathes of new props, building pieces, effects, and attractions, Magnificent Rides is, as its name implies, focussed purely on the latter.

In total, it includes nine new rides, one of which will have a second variant. At present, however, only three of these have been revealed.

Cover image for YouTube videoMagnificent Rides Collection | Mind Melt

There's a suspended looping coaster known as the Mind Melt (which you can see in the video above), a classic carousel known as the Grand Carousel, and a spinning, pitching, and banking offering known as the Tracker - similar to the trackless dark ride systems that power the likes of Disneyland Paris' Ratatouille: The Adventure attraction.

The Mind Melt.
The Grand Carousel.
The Tracker.

Frontier says it will be a revealing a new ride each day over on its Twitter page, so there's still a while to go before we get a proper sense of the Magnificent Rides Collection's full scope. We do know, however, that Frontier has opted to price it the same as its earlier DLC offerings, meaning that it'll cost £7.99/$10.99 USD when it launches on December 18th.