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Planet Coaster's console edition will be a PS5 and Xbox Series X launch title

Double dip.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition will arrive for both next-gen consoles on the day they are released.

That means Xbox Series S/X gets the game on 10th November, alongside versions for Xbox One and PS4, while the PS5 version will launch on 19th November here in the UK.

Both console families will offer free upgrades should you buy a current-gen version first and want to play on next-gen later.

We've known that Frontier's celebrated theme park simulator was making the leap to consoles for some time. This fresh console version with redesigned controls comes priced at £40, or £50 in a Deluxe Edition with the Magnificient Rides Collection and Classic Rides Collection expansions included.

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Planet Coaster launched on PC back in 2016 and we very much enjoyed it. "It's not without its problems, but Planet Coaster is the finest park construction simulator yet," our Matt Wales wrote in Eurogamer's Planet Coaster review.

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