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Acclaimed theme park sim Planet Coaster coming to Xbox One and PS4 next year

Fair play.

Frontier Developments' acclaimed theme park sim Planet Coaster is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next summer.

Planet Coaster, which originally launched on PC in 2016, sees Frontier attempting to modernise the classic theme park sim formula seen in the likes of Bullfrog's beloved Theme Park and even the developer's own Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

Truthfully, the end result of those ambitions is rather lacking on the management front, but there's no denying Planet Coaster's strengths as a building tool. It features a dizzying array of coasters, rides, and scenery items, which, when combined with Frontier's powerful construction features, can make some truly breathtaking parks.

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"As a management sim, Planet Coaster is pretty ho-hum, but as a tool for creation it's a revelation: a powerful, wonderfully compelling (and frighteningly easy) way to lose yourself for hours at a time," I wrote in my Recommended review back in 2016, "It mightn't be the ultimate theme park sim for accountants and middle managers, but for the dreamers and the tinkerers, the budding imagineers, there really is nothing else quite like it."

Frontier hasn't shared much in the way of details about Planet Coaster's console edition just yet, beyond that summer 2020 release date, but it does say that PS4 and Xbox One owners will benefit from the game's "ongoing development since its original launch".

That suggests the new version will incorporate at least some of the free features added to the game post-release. Whether DLC will be included or sold separately remains to be seen. Hopefully Frontier will reveal more soon.