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Planet Coaster will, of course, let you crash your rollercoasters

Right on track.

Planet Coaster, the spiritual successor to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series, will have its own coaster crashes. Obviously.

It's worth watching the trailer below, just to see how delighted the park visitors look as a coaster hurtles towards them. It's genuinely haunting.

Fans have been asking for this feature since the game was first revealed (there's a similar thing with the Natural Disasters in Cities Skylines), but up until now Frontier had done its very best to avoid the topic. Inevitably, they are doing it. They had to.

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I did ask the team when we could expect coaster crashing to hit Planet Coaster, but they couldn't give me anything too specific. They did assure me, however, that it'll be there by the time the game officially launches in mid-November.