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Watch: Ian does stupid things in Far Cry 5

Far Crying out loud.

If you're even remotely familiar with the work of Ian Higton, you'll know he has two great pleasures in life - these being Far Cry games and titting about. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to hear that Ian played Far Cry 5 a little while ago and things got a little silly.

In the first of two videos ready for you to watch (now the embargo has lifted) Ian takes on an outpost with his trusty canine companion, before indulging in a little fishing. If you ask me he seems a bit too comfortable with sending his dog into the line of fire, but to each his own.

If that's not enough gun-toting, banjo-plucking action for you, however, then worry not - Ian's also compiled a handy list of the best (read: daftest) things to do in Far Cry 5.

Really not sure what that bull did to deserve a baseball bat to the face, but it does at least seem players will have no shortage of things to do in Far Cry 5's open world when the game launches early next year.

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