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Nintendo hit by lawsuit over Switch design

Accessory maker Gamevice claims console copies 2014 product.

Accessory manufacturer Gamevice is suing Nintendo over the design of the Switch.

The Switch uses design concepts originated in the Wikipad, Gamevice alleges. The Wikipad is an Android-powered tablet designed for gaming, for which Gamevice also manufactures clip-on controllers (thanks, Engadget).

Gamevice wants money from Nintendo, and the Switch to be removed from sale.

Clearly the two devices do look alike, although these sorts of lawsuits rarely go anywhere.

Nintendo's Switch.
Gamevice's Wikipad.
Wii U GamePad prototype.

There are some notable differences between the devices, too. The Wikipad controllers clip on, whereas the Switch controllers slide neatly into place. Joy-Cons can also be used separately, while unattached from the Switch.

Nintendo has been working on its own, similar controller ideas for years - including this early concept for the Wii U, right, from 2012.

It may have taken the Switch longer to launch, but this seems like another lawsuit Nintendo should be able to defend itself from without too much of an issue.