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Watford FC use Football Manager to announce signing of new striker

Crossing the teams.

Watford Football Club used Football Manager to announce the signing of a new striker.

Yesterday Watford, which is sponsored by Football Manager, tweeted a short video showing footage of Football Manager 2017.

A game is loaded, and the video announces a new player is set to sign for Watford. It zips around the player's stats and nationality, teasing which player the tweet might be about.

The video then moves to club history, scrolling up to...

Burnley! It's Andre Gray, who Watford bought from Burnley for a club record £18.5m.

The video ends with a quite excruciating few words from Gray himself, who delivers his lines in such a painful way that I almost died listening to them. But then, Gray's a footballer, not an actor. He still talks to the camera better than Joe Cole.

Reaction from Watford's Twitter followers to the way the announcement was made was largely positive. Here's my favourite response:

Although one or two clearly didn't get it:

Back to those stats: Gray has 15 for finishing, 15 for determination, 10 for flair, 16 for off the ball and 15 for work rate. Not bad for £18.5m, especially in today's insane market.