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Football Manager 2017's new match engine looks a lot better

Vanishing spray! Behind goal low! More!

Sports Interactive has unveiled some of the new features included in Football Manager 2017 - and shown off the new match engine.

In the video below, Sports Interactive chief Miles Jacobson runs through a raft of improvements and tweaks, but it was the new match engine that caught my eye.

The match engine has a new camera angle, called "behind goal low". This gives you a much more up close and personal view of the match, letting you see the trajectory of the ball from long range shots, and offers a different perspective for your team lineup.

Elsewhere, there are new animations and a more fluid feel to player movement, as well as extra lines of commentary. Oh, and the vanishing spray refs use is in.

If you're into Football Manager the video is definitely worth a watch. It's half an hour of discussion on what's new.

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