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Football Manager 2019 wonderkids list - the best, highest potential young players in FM19

A list of the fifty highest potential wonderkids in Football Manager 2019.

Football Manager 2019 wonderkids, and the process of tracking down the best, highest potential young players is - along with searching for freebies and bargain buys - arguably the most satisfying aspect of the Football Manager series.

Often these are of course youngsters, who have the potential to become future greats and would be welcome in almost any club you choose to manage - but unless you get lucky or have a phenominal scouting record, some of the brighest stars can end up flying mostly under the radar.

Here on this page, we've rundown a full wonderkids shortlist of the fifty best young players and upcoming talents in FM19, which you can browse below.

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Football Manager 2019 wonderkids list: the best, highest potential young players in FM19

Here's our list of the best wonderkids in FM19, sorted by Potential Ability - or, when there's a range, their maximum possible Potential Ability. More on how that works in the section below!

RankNamePositionCurrent abilityPotential abilityAgeClubUnique ID
1Kylian MbappeAM (R), S (C)17319619Paris Saint-Germain85139014
2Gianluigi DonnarummaGK150160-19019Milan43252073
3Matthijs de LigtD (C)138160-19018Ajax37055843
4Vinicius JuniorAM (L)133160-19018Real Madrid19302146
5RodrygoAM (L), S (C)130160-19017Santos19306929
6Pietro PellegriS (C)114160-19017AS Monaco43344129
7Ousmane DembeleM/AM (RL)16218521Barcelona85140178
8Marco AsensioM/AM (C)15718522Real Madrid67197125
9Sergej Milinkovic-SavicM (C)16618423Lazio62127037
10Marcus RashfordAM (L), S (C)148150-18020Man Utd28100266
11Lautaro MartinezS (C)145150-18020Inter14110660
12Wilfred NdidiDM/M (C)143150-18021Leicester City18091791
13MalcomAM (RL)143150-18021Barcelona19229435
14Frenkie de JongD/DM/M (C)138150-18021Ajax37047745
15Gedson FernandesM (C)135150-18019Benfica83111338
16Theo HernandezD/WB (L)134150-18020Real Madrid67211695
17Alban LafontGK132150-18019Fiorentina48036990
18PaulinhoM/AM (L), S (C)132150-18018Bayer Leverkusen19302476
19Juan HernandezS (C)125150-18019Watford City76043783
20Diogo DalotD/WB (R)124150-18019Man Utd83105845
21Moise KeanAM (L), S (C)120150-18018Juventus43274977
22Sergio GomezM/AM (C)120150-18017Borussia Dortmund67258414
23Ferran TorresAM (R), S (C)115150-18018Valencia89056854
24Sandro TonaliDM/M (C)115150-18018Brescia43298481
25Tahith ChongAM (RLC)110150-18018Man Utd37058361
26Antonio MarinAM (L)109150-18017Dinamo Zagreb24056361
27Amine GouiriS (C)108150-18018Lyon48044735
28Abel RuizS (C)107150-18018Barcelona B67245418
29Willem GeubbelsS (C)106150-18016AS Monaco49038936
30Ryan GravenberchM/AM (C)103150-18016Ajax37071197
31Pelayo MorillaAM (C)100150-18017Sporting B67263884
32Claudio GomesDM (C)100150-18018Man City49037592
33Kangin LeeM/AM (C)90150-18017Valencia B67260506
34Fabio SilvaS (C)80150-18016Porto83228802
35Leon BaileyM/AM (RL)15117820Bayer Leverkusen18083491
36Leroy SaneAM (L)16417722Man City91138280
37Kai HavertzAM (C)14017619Bayer Leverkusen91151081
38Dele AlliAM (C)15817622Tottenham Hotspur29085579
39Anthony MartialAM (L), S (C)15417522Man Utd85086702
40Joe GomezD (RC)14617521Liverpool29115800
41Arthur MeloM (C)15217521Barcelona19259600
42Gabriel Fernando de JesusS (C)16017521Man City19220266
43Jadon SanchoM/AM (L)13717518Borussia Dortmund28108490
44Phil FodenAM (C)13017518Man City28108494
45Leon GoretzkaM/AM (C)15017323FC Bayern91104807
46Dayot UpamecanoD (C)13517219Leipzig16182894
47Julian BrandtM/AM (RL)15217222Bayer Leverkusen91119265
48Nicolo BarellaM (C)14017221Cagliari43139595
49Joao FelixM (C), AM (LC)12817218Benfica83169822
50Milan SkriniarD (C)15817223Inter63013145

FM19 wonderkids explained - what are wonderkids and how do you find them?

Each footballer in Football Manager 2019 has three different ways in which their quality is communicated to us, the manager. The first is the most obvious: the player's attributes. These are numbers on every player's profile page within the game, each attribute with a maximum rating of 20, covering their physical, technical and mental abilities. Some players may even have a visible range for each attribute, but this varies depending on your coaching and scouting staff, and also to your individual saved game.

The second way is a star rating out of five. This is split between a player's current rating and their potential rating. Again, this depends on your coaching and scouting staff's ability to judge players, as well as your own. However, this is eased up a little thanks to a "knowledge level" rating (given out of 100) for each player that's been scouted, describing how much your staff knows about them.

The third and most interesting way players are rated in FM19 is through a hidden rating system (out of 200) that separately states a player's "Current Ability" and their "Potential Ability". These are the most accurate way to find the best players given they're baked in by the pro developers. "Hidden" might sound nefarious but these are viewable in the official database, just not in the game. It should be noted that these are a given player's potential (i.e. maximum) rating, so it all depends on other variables, like your coaching staff, fellow squad members and of course, you the manager.

The best players in the world have a current rating of 195+ (I'm looking at you, Lionel Messi!) and this year's edition has one youngster that the developers think could reach similar heights. That's the summer's World Cup breakout star Kylian Mbappe of France. The table above shows other high quality players (all under the age of 23) that reach the high potential of at least 172. Note that many players don't have a set Potential Ability but a range, and this number is dependent on numerous circumstances already mentioned, such as coaching staff skills, training routines, teammates and other variables.

If you found this useful, you might also want to take a look at our big list of Football Manager 2019's best free transfers and bargains, too!

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