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Football Manager helped a real life goalkeeper score for his country - on his debut

Research and development.

I knew real-life football teams used Football Manager to help scout players. Even managers, such as current Manchester United darling Ole Gunnar Solskjær, have said they've used the famous football management sim to help them out in real-life. But I did not know Football Manager helped a real-life goalkeeper not just play for his country - but score on his debut.

This is the story revealed in the latest episode of YouTube series People Make Games, which is the work of ex-Eurogamer video person Chris Bratt. It revolves around keeper Kai Mckenzie-Lyle, who, with a little help from a Football Manager researcher, ended up playing and scoring a last-minute header for his country.

Cover image for YouTube videoHow Football Manager Helped a Goalie Score for His Country

Kai's journey alone makes the video worth a watch, but make sure you stick with it for the bonus reveal of Football Manager's disturbing default female manager model. Come on Sports Interactive. Sort it out!

When you're done with the People Make Games video, be sure to read our Chris Tapsell's wonderful feature, I was in Football Manager and I don't know how to feel about it, as well as a podcast on the feature. It's well worth your time.