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Try before you buy with a Football Manager 2019 demo

Free transfer.

Sega has released a demo for the latest instalment of its football management sim, Football Manager 2019.

While not formally announced on the game's news or updates feeds, the demo is now available via the game's Steam page. According to dsogaming (via PCGN), the demo provides you with half a season to give the sim a go and get acclimatised to the game's systems before commiting your hard-earned cash.

Any progress you make will carry over should you like what you see and decide to pick up the full game. To grab the freebie, head on over to the Football Manager 19 Steam page.

Chris wasn't too impressed when he reviewed the sport management sim for us, saying the 2019 edition was a "rare blip in form for a sim with permanent class" and opining that "quality of life tweaks and vast depth can't overcome Football Manager 2019's uncharacteristically clumsy, all-consuming training rework."

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