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Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita this summer

UPDATE: Out now with Cross-Buy support.

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UPDATE 15/08/2017 5.12pm: Undertale is out now on PS4 and Vita. It costs £11.99 / $14.99 and includes Cross-Buy support.

ORIGINAL STORY 13/06/2017 2.06am: Critical darling Undertale is coming to PS4 and Vita this summer.

Sony made the announcement at its E3 press conference pre-show.

Undertale is a minimalist RPG adventure game hybrid that received a ton of praise upon its 2015 release on PC and Mac. It was famous for allowing players to complete the entire game without harming a single foe. Your choices in both dialogue and combat (or lack thereof) affect the story in ways both big, small, and unpredictable.

Fans have been clamouring for a console or handheld version of it since its release and soon it will have both. Rejoice!

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