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The Last of Us fans think they've sleuthed out Part 2's location

State of play.

It looks like The Last of Us Part 2's location - or one of them - has been figured out by a couple of dedicated fans.

Naughty Dog has kept quiet about The Last of Us Part 2 since the game's announcement late last year - so fans have been looking back through its reveal trailer for more clues.

Clues, specifically, which point to where Naughty Dog's sequel is set. Fans think that location is Seattle, Washington.

The hunt for location details was spearheaded last week by reddit user Voldsby, who noticed the game's parking signs were the same as those used in Seattle. It was tenuous, but backed up by a sign in the background of The Last of Us 2 concept art - a building with the word "Driftwood" painted on the corner.

Voldsby then managed to match a second real-life Seattle building - this time, an underground car park.

This latest discovery was then posted to r/games by another redditor, Falconbox, who pinned down the two locations and noted how they were only a few blocks from one another.

While a Seattle setting for The Last of Us Part 2 isn't overly notable, the level of detective work (okay, scrolling around Street View on Google Maps) to track these locations down is commendable indeed.

The original Last of Us game had a strong sense of location. Its opening sequence with Joel was set in Austin, Texas, before the first major city section set in Boston.

The Last of Us' next act, with Henry and Sam, takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its autumn and winter sections are set in and around Jackson, Wyoming, while its memorable finale takes place in Salt Lake City.

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There's still no news on when The Last of Us Part 2 might launch. Naughty Dog has, until now, also been busy with Uncharted: Lost Legacy, which arrives later this month.

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