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Pokémon Gold and Silver get boxed release on 3DS

With just a download code inside.

Pokémon Gold and Silver will get a special boxed release for 3DS on 22nd September, Nintendo announced today.

We already knew the Game Boy Color classics would be arriving on 3DS Virtual Console, but not that they would be given a physical release.

But you shouldn't expect to find a cartridge inside your box. You will simply get a download code on a piece of paper for you to then enter via the 3DS eShop.

The boxes look identical to those of the original Game Boy Color launch - albeit with a big yellow warning that you'll need an internet connection to download the game.

To be clear, these are the original versions of Gold and Silver as released back in 1999, not the updated Heart Gold and Soul Silver remakes available on DS some 10 years later.

You will, however, be able to transfer Pokémon caught in these games forward to other titles via the Pokémon Bank app.

Gold and Silver's arrival is well-timed with Pokémon Go, which currently features Silver's legendary bird Lugia. Gold's legendary bird Ho-on is expected in the future.