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Pokémon Go reveals Mewtwo legendary raids in Japan

No word yet on UK release.

Mewtwo has been unleashed in Pokémon Go via a trio of legendary raids today at the game's Yokohama, Japan event.

UPDATE: Outside of the event, there will be a new Exclusive Raid system for capturing Mewtwo worldwide in Pokémon Go. More details via the link.

Each raid has a whopping 10 hours on the clock. Three are situated in close proximity around the event location.

It's the first time players have been able to catch Mewtwo, the genetically-engineered Pokémon. He was previously teased right at the end of Pokémon Go's legendary raids trailer.

It's not all good news, however. Earlier today, the planned livestream event - where Mewtwo was presumably going to be revealed - was cancelled at the last moment. There have also been reports of connection problems - likely due to the huge number of phones in use within a small location.

But, in the last five minutes, someone has managed to report a Mewtwo being caught.

Reddit user Unubore was the first we saw to the prize. They report the event's catch rate is 100 per cent (just as it was in Chicago).

Developer Niantic has yet to officially announce Mewtwo for the rest of the world, but hopefully we could see him as early as tomorrow in the UK, after current legendary bird Zapdos rotates out tonight.

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