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343 to revamp Halo 5 Warzone mode to make it more balanced

Truth and reconciliation.

343 will soon revamp Halo 5's Warzone mode to make it more balanced.

Warzone is one of the best things about Halo 5. Two teams of 12 players battle it out alongside AI-controlled opponents in huge maps. A requisition system lets you spawn weapons and vehicles in the game.

The problem is, as players have got better at Warzone the "blowout rate" has risen. This relates to how often matches end in lopsided or "blowout" scores.

To combat this, 343 will make "significant changes" to the way REQ leveling works to try to create more balanced matches.

In a post on Halo Waypoint, 343 lead multiplayer designer Lawrence Metten said the changes adjust the REQ level awarded for match actions and add a REQ level "drip" that slowly increases everyone's REQ level over the course of each match.

"In our internal playtesting, these changes have resulted in more back-and-forth Warzone matches with considerably fewer players stuck at low REQ Levels over the course of each game," Metten said.

It's worth noting these changes do not relate to Warzone Firefight or Warzone Assault. Expect them to come into play late next week.

Cover image for YouTube video20 Minutes of Halo 5 Warzone Multiplayer gameplay and impressions

While I'm not sure these balance changes will be enough to get me playing Halo 5 Warzone again, it's great to see 343 continue to support the game nearly two years after it came out and with most of the developer's attention now directed at the upcoming Halo 6.