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First-person roguelike City of Brass releases on Early Access next month

Ex-BioShock devs' Arabian adventure to launch with 12 procedurally-generated levels.

First-person roguelike City of Brass is coming to Steam Early Access on 18th September.

Developed by former BioShock devs at Uppercut Games, City of Brass looks to combine the aesthetic of Prince of Persia with the procedural generation of Spelunky and the first-person action of BioShock.

The combat system certainly looks a bit like BioShock, where your whip is used to stun foes while your sword delivers the final blow, just like the good ol' electricity plasmid / wrench combo. Excitingly, the whip can also be used to trip enemies, grab objects, and even grapple around the environment.

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City of Brass' Early Access release will contain 12 levels and a Daily Challenge mode. The developer is planning to add more "enemy types, bosses, districts, secret areas, equipment (gear and relics), genies and traps" before launching the full version in another 6-12 months.

The endgame will also be withheld until the final release.

No price has been announced, though the developer noted that the full game will be more expensive than the Early Access release. Uppercut isn't sure how much more it will be yet. That depends on how much content ends up getting added.

City of Brass' full launch will debut on PC in 2018, though PS4 and Xbox One versions are planned to follow.

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