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Arabian Nights-inspired first-person rogue-lite City of Brass is coming to Switch

Out next month on eShop.

Developer Uppercut Games has announced that City of Brass, its Arabian Nights-inspired first-person rogue-lite, is heading to Switch early next month, on February 8th.

City of Brass, which launched on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 last year after six months in early access development, sets players loose in the titular, sandblasted metropolis - a labyrinthine desert city of glistening domes, towering spires, and, almost inevitably, endless hordes of the angrily undead.

Your ultimate goal is to work, one stage at a time, toward the city's 13th layer and Innermost Chamber, where a dangerous supernatural force awaits. In game terms, that equates to a first-person romp of undead slaughter, focussing on melee combat, trap manipulation, and fluid environmental traversal via your trusty whip - which, rather handily, can either be used to swing to safety or to hoist enemies toward you for a good, old-fashioned sword pummelling.

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Of course, City of Brass' rogue-lite structure means that, should meet your untimely demise at any point, you're returned to the city entrance - only to be greeted by a new procedurally generated configuration of winding streets and terrible creatures on your next attempt.

Since launching on other platforms, Uppercut Games has continued to support City of Brass by introducing new mechanics, weapons, relics, enemies, Blessings and Burdens - which act as in-game modifiers, affecting various aspects of the experience - plus new playable characters.

All these updates will be included in the new Switch version, meaning players will have access to five notably different characters - the Fool and the Traveller, the "fast but frail knife-fighting Brigand, the spear-throwing Soldier, and the strong but slow Hellion genie".

It's been a while since I checked in, but I had a lot of fun with City of Brass at launch last year, thanks to its exhilaratingly pace and ever-shifting variables. Hopefully it'll reach Switch in fine form when it arrives on Nintendo's eShop next month.