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Cult favourite board game Scythe is coming to Steam

Mech of that what you will.

Asmodee Digital is bringing excellent board game Scythe to Steam. The publisher made the announcement at the start of Gen-Con, North America's largest board games convention.

Scythe is a strategic game for one to five players with an alternate history 1920s setting. Each player takes charge of a fallen empire, attempting to restore its tarnished honour and lead it to power in Eastern Europa. This is achieved through the skillful conquering of territory, mustering of armies and constructing new buildings and giant mechs. That's the idea, anyway - my experiences with Scythe are generally characterised by verbally threatening the closest player and generally struggling to get any victory points on the board.

The Steam port of Scythe, which has no current release window, is one of a raft of games being brought to PC and mobile by Asmodee Digital. Mysterium, Jaipur and Bananagrams also feature on the list, but Scythe is by far the most exciting. While more streamlined than a turn-based strategy game such as, say, Civilization 6, it's well worth keeping an eye on. Here's a review from Shut Up and Sit Down, if you'd like to learn more.

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I mean, each player character has an animal companion. You can play as a Scottish man with a wild boar for a best friend, what more could you possibly need?

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