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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT sets January release date on PS4

Gameplay walkthrough explains how this fighting game / RPG hybrid works.

Nioh developer Team Ninja's fighting game / RPG hybrid Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will arrive 30th January on PS4, Square Enix has announced.

Currently Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is only available in Japanese arcades. The PS4 release will be its console debut.

This team-based brawler tasks players with picking a fighter and two allies to go toe-to-toe with an opposing trio. You can customise your team's arsenal and skills, as well as issue commands to your AI companions. Here's a five minutes video explaining the ins and outs of its mechanics:

Cover image for YouTube videoDissidia Final Fantasy NT: Tutorial Video [English]

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will have an Ultimate Collector's Edition exclusive to the Square Enix Online Store. This Collector's Edition includes a steelbook case, collector's box, a 21cm Warrior of Light figurine, 15-track soundtrack, 80-page hardback artbook, and a Season Pass allowing access to an impending six post-launch DLC characters.

There will also be a less extravagant Limited Edition Steelbook that only includes the steelbook case and artbook.

Pre-ordering the regular edition on PSN will still include a couple of mild perks like an exclusive background theme and the Nail Bat DLC weapon for Cloud.