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Thumper is hitting Xbox One this month

You want thumb war?

Dangerously aggressive rhythm game Thumper is coming to Xbox One on 18th August, developer Drool has announced.

Thumper launched last October on PC and PS4, where it was one of the first games to feature PSVR support.

In the time since its initial launch, Thumper was ported to Switch and also received support for Oculus Rift and Vive.

More content has been added to the game as well, including a more challenging difficulty setting that speeds everything up and disables continues.

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That's not for the faint of heart as Thumper managed to hurt many a thumb upon its initial release. One shudders to think of all the aching digits that have braved this more sadistic mode.

Many claim Thumper is worth the pain, including our Chris Donlan. "It's so insanely fast," he exclaimed in his Thumper review. "Cobble that together with the precision required to succeed and the relentless allure of the wonderfully horrible art, and you have something special."

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