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Translation requests hold up European PS4 release of Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition


Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition comes out on PlayStation 4 in Europe during the first half of September "at the latest", its developer has said.

After what looked like a 15th August worldwide release date was issued, some European fans had expected the re-release of the infamous early 90s FMV game to come out on PS4 on these shores yesterday, but the game failed to materialise. (It's on Steam globally.)

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It turns out the 15th August launch date related to the North American PS4 release only. According to developer Screaming Villains, the PS4 version is US only initially because requests for the game to be translated into multiple languages only came through "after development was completed".

Sony's European PlayStation division operates separately from its North American counterpart. This means developers must deal with both as if they were different companies, submitting their code for approval as part of two different certification processes.

Because Sony's Europe office deals with PAL region translations, UK fans will have to wait until Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition is read for launch across the continent before getting their grubby mits on the game.

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