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Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition to haunt PS4 and PC players in August

Watch out behind you!

Infamously cheesy Sega CD FMV horror game Night Trap is coming back in style with its recently revealed 25th Anniversary Edition launching in a mere couple of weeks on PS4 and PC.

The PS4 physical release will launch on 11th August, while its digital PSN and Steam releases will follow four days later on 15th August.

Cover image for YouTube videoNight Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition | Release Date Announcement

The physical versions are a limited run with only 5k copies of the Standard Edition - which includes a full-colour manual, poster, and reversible cover art - being produced.

A Collector's Edition is even rarer with only 3k copies in existence. This adds a cassette tape featuring the catchy Night Trap theme song, a shrink-wrapped box emulating the original game's Sega CD packaging, and a 4-inch embroidered Special Control Attack Team patch.

Developer Screaming Villains noted that an Xbox One edition is "coming soon".

Night Trap puts players in the role of a paranormal investigator who's planted surveillance equipment and traps around a suburban home where a group of teenage girls are unwittingly being used as bait to lure vampires. Think Cabin in the Woods meets Home Alone, but with the acting and production chops of Troll 2.

These shoddy production values have garnered Night Trap with a notorious reputation as one of the best worst games of all-time, sort of like the video game equivalent of The Room or Plan 9 From Outer Space.

This 25th Anniversary Edition adds some new features like a chapter select "theater" mode, a more punishing "survivor" setting, behind-the-scenes bonus footage, and deleted scenes.